When you’re living in one of Canada’s major cities and you own a vehicle, one of the things that is likely going to cause you some stress is commuting and the amount of traffic that you might meet along the way. Whether you’re a dentist Scarborough Ontario based or a student downtown, you can save a lot of time by bringing another person along in the car with you. This will mean that you can take advantage of the carpool lanes.

Carpool lanes, or high occupancy lanes, are used throughout Ontario on major provincial highways where there is a high risk of traffic congestion throughout the day. They are meant to help reduce traffic jams by both allowing people to move more quickly to their Toronto marriage counselling or back home again and by encouraging drivers to carpool with others instead of all driving in their own vehicles. The 403 and the 404 in Toronto are both now equipped with HOV lanes.

There are some rules to using the HOV lanes that motorists are expected to follow just like any other traffic conditions. You are not allowed to use them if you are the only person in the car or if you’re in a commercial truck that is greater than 6.5 meters in length. Buses and emergency vehicles are the only automobiles that are accepted from the two plus person rule. Drivers when they’re driving to get their drive pulley fixed or going to work are only allowed to move in and out of the HOV lanes at certain times. You can see that the lines change from dotted to solid at various points on route.

It is not difficult to see the benefits of carpool lanes in large city centres for an Ontario architect or a young mother. They help public transportation vehicles to run more on time and reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are being added to the air as people choose to travel in larger groups. Using these lanes and choosing to carpool will allow you to save time and money on a daily basis. And you won’t have to get up as early to spend an hour on the road behind vacuum truck services in order to get to the office on time. This is a smart plan for you and a large community as a whole. It creates better infrastructure and productivity in places like Toronto.