Energy Saving At Work

Commercial enterprises, from huge factories to the offices of a Toronto naturopathic doctor, are big users of energy. They use energy to run their machines, to light their offices, to power their computers, and to heat their buildings. But if we want to step back from the brink of irreversible climate change, we as business owners and everyday workers will need to find ways of reducing our energy usage at work as well as at home. Here are some ways to do that.

One of the easiest ways you can save energy at work is to simply switch off anything that uses energy when it’s not being used. Many businesses and public buildings at CFB Kingston keep their lights on even when no one is in the room or the business is closed. This is uneconomical. That also means shutting down your computer when you go home for the day and remembering to switch off communal devices like the photocopier and the TV. You can even post signs next to switches reminding people to switch off.

Most people think that devices which run on batteries would be excluded from this initiative, but the fact remains that chargers for electronic devices have a vampire effect even when the device is not charging, siphoning unneeded power from the outlet and turning it into waste heat. You can help prevent this waste by reminding everyone at Landscaping Kitchener to unplug their cell phone and laptop chargers before they leave work.

If you want to reduce your energy usage in a more significant way, the place to start is with your electronics and machinery. By investing in repairs or replacements that make your processes more efficient, you’re saving energy. That might mean replacing your gasoline Mississauga airport taxi with a hybrid model, upgrading your factory so that it uses less energy and wastes less energy, or replacing the appliances in your office with newer Energy Star models.

Even if you can’t afford such a huge overhaul, you can make a large difference in your power usage simply by replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones. That doesn’t mean you need to replace all the fixtures at your Event Rentals Mississauga office, because they make compact fluorescent bulbs these days that will fit in an incandescent socket.

Whichever measures you decide to take, remember that the first step toward energy reduction is education. Teach your workers why wasting energy is bad, how to change their habits, and what the benefits of doing so will be.