While most of us are not at the point where we can build a home completely off the grid that uses everything from solar panels to a rainwater collection system, we are thinking about green solutions more and more when it comes to big and small projects around the house. You might be looking at custom homes London Ontario based and fall in love with a kitchen that’s made entirely of recycled products or just be thinking of putting down a bamboo floor in your living room remodel. Here are some things to think about when it comes to green building products.

When you’re thinking green you can usually go back to that definition from years ago – reduce, reuse, recycle. When you’re looking at the latter two for products for your unit in King West condos or home in the country you’re likely going to be thinking of things like newspapers that have been converted into insulation and cork floors that have been made out of old wood. There are many products currently on the market that are being produced with discarded elements that would have otherwise just been thrown away.

You can also think of things that you personally can reuse instead of just throwing in the trash. You might have an old front door that could be treated and turned into a headboard for your bed in the master suite. This will give it a very unique and rustic look. Or you could get a stained glass window in your kitchen that’s made entirely of old bottles. There are all different degrees of people reusing items for a different purpose that you will see in Toronto townhouses to Calgary condos.

When we’re talking about reducing we’re usually referring to products that allow you to use less energy in your home. You will see many Vancouver to Ajax homes for sale that are advertising new windows or a new roof as a selling point. This is because these changes can save you a lot on your heating and electricity bills as less energy is escaping from the home. There are many products available that used less energy to make than their more standard counterparts. Buying local is a great way to save energy, as the products will not need to travel as far.

If you’re thinking of going green with a home renovation for the bathroom in your Etobicoke real estate or are going so far as to thinking of building a home from the ground up than you should make sure that it still works for you while you’re choosing products that are better for the environment. You might find that there are many that can actually save you money and put you less at risk of chemical exposure within your own home.